My Home and My Community

Andino's band had their cd release party for their second album It's Time to Rise last night. I knew it would be my last night going out before the baby and I wanted to look good. I feel most beautiful when I wear a dress and head scarf, which is what I planned to do last night. Unfortunately, at 9 months pregnant wearing a dress and a headscarf makes me look like a babushka and not a sexy gypsy. Andino still thought I looked pretty (God love him!) and wanted to take my picture, but I wouldn't let him, so this photo will have to do:

Russian doll, matryoshka, babushka - stock vector



It was a beautiful day yesterday so I decided to walk to the drug store to look at makeup. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to buy false eyelashes. I will never make that mistake again. I spent $10.00 on them and I was bound and determined to get my money's worth, so I spent far more time trying to apply them than was appropriate. By the time I gave up, I was running so far behind schedule that I was totally stressed out trying to get ready quickly. I put my eye makeup on over the dried glue left on my eyelids from the stupid fake lashes and I was sweating profusely from the anxiety of trying to throw my outfit, hair & makeup together fast enough that I wouldn't make poor Andino late on his night. By the time we left, we were almost an hour later than Andino had originally asked me to be ready by and I looked like a sweaty babushka.


It was a great night though. When I first moved here, it was so hard for me. I missed everything about home. Of course I missed my family and the ocean/forest landscape I grew up in, but I also missed the little things. I missed running into old friends at the grocery store, I missed the salsa scene I used to be a part of, the restaurants I liked to eat in, but mostly I missed being part of the community. I belonged there because I had a history there. When I first moved here, I was Andino's wife. The shy girl from the Maritimes. People were friendly to me but we lacked the true warmth of friendship that only comes from time. (I think for some people - more outgoing people - it happens a lot faster, but for me it definitely takes years to build this feeling of connection.) Last night at the show, I saw so many people for the first time since I've been pregnant and/or since my belly really popped. People were so happy for us. The whole night, I received countless hugs, genuine smiles, belly rubs, hands over my hands, kisses on the cheek and "congratulations / felicidades I am so happy for you two!" It was so great, we have a big community of friends here, many more friends than I ever had at home.


My home will always be in the maritimes, I will always be an ocean-loving girl and my favourite beaches, hiking trails and places will always be there, but for the first time I realize that this is my place too. These are my people, my community. Andino and I feel so blessed that we can feel at home (we are home)  in the Maritimes, in the Prairies and in Chile.


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