My horrible experience with NUVA RING BIRTH CONTROL

Ok, what a story I have with my experience with the "devil pill" yes thats what I called it.

I took this form of BC because pills would make me feel nauseous, irritated, and sick. I talked to my GYN and asked her about Nuva Ring and she told me to try it. The first month I took it one of my side effects was headaches, I did not think much of it. I gave it a break the following month and decided to give it a try again the next month. BAD IDEA. Two weeks into the nuva ring I went into a DEEP depression. It was so deep I could not function at work and I did not even want to be around my two year old son. I had nothing to be depressed about at all. I also had bad anxiety that was worse in the mornings. I just had an axious feeling in the pit of my stomach everyday. I had a loss of appetite, didnt want to eat anything, which caused me to loose weight. I was scared of everything, it was just a really dark place. I kept on thinking I was going crazy and would end up in a mental ward and loose my son! I felt alone because I was afraid no one would understand I even had a feeling of not wanting to live. I know that I would never have the heart to hurt myself. Finally a friend said maybe it is your birth control. So I researched it and found many links to depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety! I took it out right away and hoped it would go away. It has been 3 weeks since I have been off, everyday gets better. I still have feeling of sadness but the depression is gone. That ring is so dangerous and I know everyone is different. I just want my normal self back, I will never try that ring again or suggest it to anyone. If anyone has common side effects to this ring please feel free to comment.

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