My Howard Stern Experience


About halfway through the show, we ran into Elisa (Benjy’s girlfriend) in the bathroom and got to chatting to her.  She invited us to come watch the rest of the show from her box and of course we said yes!  So we were lucky enough to have even better viewing for the remainder of the show.

When the show was over, and all the celebrities and show staff were still mingling down on the floor, Sarah and I were determined to get down there to meet some of them.  We went downstairs and of course security turned us away, but Sarah is the most convincing, persistent person I’ve ever met (seriously she should either be in sales or a politician because she can talk anyone into anything).  The next thing I knew, they were letting us onto the floor.  We were able to meet Natalie Maines and Jeff Probst and we also met up with Sour Shoes again. 

Then we realized that a lot of the show staff were mingling up on the stage, so once again, Sarah worked her magic and convinced security that we were supposed to be up there.  So up we went on stage and there we got to meet so many people from the show (Gary, Will, Jason, John, and Scott).  We even snapped a picture of the birthday cake backstage!  Also, because we were able to finagle our way up onto the stage, we were given a ticket to the after party.  We had no idea what kind of party it would be, or who would be there, but we were sure as hell going to go over there and try to get in!


By this time Sour Shoes and Sarah were now BFF’s, so of course he was coming with us (along with a few other people we met)  We hopped in a car and headed down to the club where the party was being held at.  When we got there, there was a huge crowd outside the club of people all trying to get in.  My heart sank.  There was no way we were getting into this club.  While we tried to formulate a plan, we noticed about 30 feet down, another door with a velvet rope around it and none other than Jared from the show standing there with a clipboard.  We decided to go investigate and quickly realized that this was the actual entrance to the after party (it was in the basement of the club, whereas the mob of people were just trying to get in to the regular club).  Sarah started in on Jared…working her magic as usual.  He checked his list and of course we were not on it, but we were with Sour Shoes and he (although not on the list either) is a Wack Packer and therefore should be allowed in (or so that was our angle).  So after a lot of convincing on Sarah’s part (I seriously just stood there and nodded my head) he actually let us in.  Holy crap…we were going in to the after party!

Now, we really had no idea who was going to be there.  We had heard of a few different locations of after parties, so we didn’t know if this one would be the one to be at or what, but as we descended the stairs down to the club, Kathy Griffin walked right past us on her way out.  Sarah and I just looked at each other and smiled.  We were at THE after party.  This realization was quickly confirmed once we were in and I saw none other than the beautiful Beth Stern standing a mere 5 feet away from us.  Oh, and Steven Tyler just walked past us.  Oh, and there’s John Mayer in the corner over there.  Oh wait, who’s that?  John Stamos and Ryan Phillippe talking together.  Oh and there’s Maria Menounos dancing on the dance floor.  EVERYONE from the show was there (well, other than Howard because he never goes anywhere).  We got a couple of pictures with John Stamos and Ryan Phillippe, but had to quickly put the kabosh on all that for fear of being found out that we were totally crashing the party.  So we spent the rest of the night dancing, drinking (this party was completely open bar too) and rubbing shoulders with celebs.  It was so crazy!!!


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