My Husband Quit Drinking and I Lost 12 Lbs

Here's what happens when you don't drink or don't drink as much. First of all, you lose weight. I lost 12 lbs. in the past 5 months without thinking two seconds about it. It's from not drinking as much but it's really from not eating as much. It's magic. The whole point about drinking, well, one of them, is that it lowers your inhibitions. Sometimes, that's about sex. More often, it's about Oreos.

Another great consequence of not drinking so much: sleep. I can't even count how many people I know complain about insomnia. Quit drinking, my friends, and you'll sleep all night. Alcohol puts you to sleep and then wakes you up, makes middle of the night evil. I haven't seen middle of the night in weeks, it goes on without me. It's astonishing to open my eyes and see daylight instead of searching for the light of my Kindle to keep me company through a wide awake stretch in the evil middle of the night.

I like what not drinking so much has wrought. I think. So much of how I saw myself, the picture I would paint if photographs weren't possible, involved holding a glass of wine or a tall glass of beer. Who is that person now living with a man who doesn't drink?

The same, I guess, but drier, classier maybe, a tea drinker, a shadow of my former sodden self, thinner, more well-rested, healthier no doubt, but still yearning for the bottle of blood orange liqueur sitting in the dark of the liquor cabinet waiting for me. I know it's waiting for me.

I kid you not.




Jan Wilberg



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