My Husband Stole My Brie

Our friend invited us over for homemade French Bread, Brie and wine.  I knew that was not a good thing so I promptly whipped up a healthy filling dinner of corn and crab chowder.  All was good.  We were full.  We hopped in the car and went to our friend's house and I poured a glass of wine and cut a little piece of bread with a little piece of brie and enjoyed.

And an hour or so later (it may only have been 20 minutes, but it felt like eternity), I refilled my wine and cut another piece of bread and topped it with brie.  

As I approached my chair, my husband reached out for a bite.

I was torn.  If I shared, then I would be eating less and that was a good thing.  Seeing my hesitation, he said, "I read your blog".  

"Which one?" I asked, as if it really mattered.  Of course, my most recent one was all about being truthful to myself yada yada yada and sticking with things yada yada yada and all that committment junk.

He cited a few key lines so I knew he was up to date and not easily fooled by my indulgence of yore.

I sighed and passed it to him hoping he'd eat most, but not all.  He ate it all.

I am thankful that he can do these things, but it sure was a bummer.  However, a day later, I'm not really any worse off so it's probably all for the better, but it was still a bummer.

This not eating whatever and whenever I want is just an exhausting pain!  But I'm doing it.

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