My Husband Will See My BlogHer Pictures Before I Even Get Back Home

Today was a regular day. My lecture was about parallel structure, and my students were held captive and mesmerized by the wonder of it all. I could tell by their glazed eyes and snoring. Sigh.

Tomorrow will be a regular day, too. I'll lecture about consistent person and tense, and I know it will be a killer speech. The room will be smaller on Tuesday than the room I have on Monday, and the acoustics will be much better: kind of like snoring in the bathroom. Don't laugh, we've all heard men do that. Tuesday night I'll put together another Carnival of Education over on Steve Spangler's website, and then I'll turn in for my nightly four hours.

Wednesday will begin like any other day. I'll lecture about citations whilst trying to stay awake myself, and then Tim and I will stop by the Pizzaria for some lunch.

After that, however, it's SHOW TIME!

He'll drive me to Indy and drop me at my sister's house and she and I will shoot the breeze, chew the fat, and several other interesting idioms, and then she'll take me to the Indianapolis airport where I'll check in with my red suitcase full of dowdy clothes and the adventure shall officially begin.

I'll start taking pictures in the airport. I'm going to be using Tim's Eye-Fi memory card, which I got him for Christmas last year and I highly recommend that you all get one for yourselves because it's AWESOME, and every time my camera goes "click," the picture will appear on my computer and a few seconds after it appears on my computer, my FrameChannel account will get it and the very second my FrameChannel account gets it, the picture will appear on my wireless digital picture frame! (draws breath - that was some powerfully awful run-on sentence!) (Who cares; I'm off duty.) Didja see the one about the stupid thieves who stole a camera that had an Eye-Fi card in it? Stupid prats sent pictures of themselves right smack to the owner's computer. Busted! But I digress. Tim's going to be looking at that frame every few minutes because I'm sending him snaps of pretty much everything I see.

Maybe nobody will notice the chigger bites on my forehead if there's a pink camera there all the time? Ya think?

You know, I'm not really much of a "pink" person, except for the breast cancer symbols (of which I have tons because my sister. . . well, that's another post. . . .) but somehow I have a pink laptop and a pink camera. I adore them both. I love electronics. I'd rather hang around an electronics store or department than shop for clothes.

Then again, if you had to shop for my size, you'd rather play with electronics, too. Sigh.

BlogHer, here I come!

I'm so excited, my earlobes itch.





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