The Ferguson Riots

Being a resident of St. Louis, Missouri, the Ferguson riots hit close to home - literally.

My comments on this matter are short but I hope they resonate: the media is fueling this tiny flame into a full-blown bomb

As my husband and I watched the coverage last night about the tear gas bombs in the residential area off of West Florissant, we both noticed the inconsistancies. One station reported that rubber bullets were being shot off at a rapid pace by the police force. Another station claimed that no rubber bullets had been fired. Then, another reporter claimed to have heard "approximately 20 gun shots" and then stated that her 'sources' said the police thought someone may have been shot.  Yet another station debunked the claim that anyone had been shot.

It makes you wonder which news sources are reporting facts and which are running content to attract viewers.

I think the media really needs to focus on getting facts straight before running wild with allegations. Once one station claims information to be  accurate, other stations then run with the information and before you know it, everyone has an inaccurate version of some story that vaguely resembles the reality of what actually occurred. This is not the first time the media has run with stories without verifying the details before hand, and it probably won't be the last.

Media outlets have a responsibility to be accountable and diligent in their source and fact checking before issuing statements that could cause public harm, such as further rioting. This is a matter of public safety, and the media should not exploit their influence in order to boost their rankings via a warped version of entertainment.

What do you think?


Crissa Petrovic

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