My Journey To Not Being Perfect- A Writer's Manifesto!

Stressing over the fact that: 

Writers who renege on promises are too busy making stuff happen!

I’m not ever going to be “perfect” so I aim for getting ”better”

Remembering the unfortunate demise of Trayvon Martin-  haven’t said or done enough to provoke change in AMERICA!

Sorted fresh white uniforms from their wash and recited “how do I bid thee adieu!” 

Making connections with informed tweeters-

Knowing my keyboard sucks and the dire need to purchase another STAT!

Finished story for another submission & hating I missed first round -fee varies

 Hmmm, wonder if other writers enter submission contests asking for fees?

Returning to the one truism as a human and writer: I’m not perfect, so this is my pity party- find your own!

Reading The Pursuit Of Happiness by David G. Myers, PH.D.

Making writing concessions and asking

How do you keep it moving when your “writer” frustrations reach a breaking point?


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