My June Stitch Fix & the REAL Nitty Gritty

Before we get into the nitty gritty, if you are wondering “What the Heck is Stitch Fix” you should probably check out this post. If you’re feeling super stalkery and want to see ALL my Stitch Fix posts, you can find them here.

Speaking of stalkery… as I’ve been skulking around and checking out other blogger’s Stitch Fix posts, I’ve been seeing quite a bit of backlash. There have been many comments to the effect of “OMG, I’m so freaking sick of hearing bloggers talk about Stitch Fix!!!” and feedback that Stitch Fix is nothing but cheap “mom clothes” that are marked up 3x higher than they should be.

Um… wow.

So, I put a little question on my Facebook page to see if I was boring you all with my Stitch Fix posts and apparently you guys love it! So yay! However, in case there is some backlash hovering at the corners of my blog I wanted to cover WHY I bother with Stitch Fix and why I write about it.

Let’s take for example the distressed jeans I received in my last Fix. I love them and I’ve worn them a TON… feeling like a sexy little minx each time.

But let’s say I wasn’t doing Stitch Fix and I had an idea that I wanted a pair of “grown up” distressed skinny jeans. I would probably search online at my favorite stores (Loft, Gap, Banana Republic, etc) and possibly order a pair in a couple different sizes, only to find out that they don’t fit/look like crap/aren’t what I expected. So, I’d return them. Then, I’d make a trip to the mall and try on probably a dozen pairs of jeans in various stores… hoping that I find a pair that fit and look nice on me. I’d probably start beating myself up that nothing fit properly and give up in disgust, deciding that my body just wasn’t the “right shape” for skinny jeans.

This process – my old process – took up SO MUCH of my time. And money. And brain power.

So how does it work with Stitch Fix? I added a note to my comments that I’d like to try a pair of distressed skinny jeans and pinned a couple pairs to my Pinterest board. My stylist took my size, feedback and brands I like into consideration and mailed me a pair in my next box. They looked great and fit perfect, so I bought them. No extra thinking, driving or internet searching is needed. So yes, the $88 pair of jeans was worth it to me. Is it worth it to everyone? Of course not.

Now, have I loved everything that Stitch Fix has sent me? NO! There have been dresses that I’ve gotten stuck in, horrifying boobie zippers and the ugliest Aztec blanket sweater I’ve ever seen. And I’m honest about that and share my thoughts (and terrible pictures) with you. The reason why I stick around is that Stitch Fix has sent me some of the most worn items in my closet.

Also, just to set the record straight – I am NOT getting rich off my Stitch Fix reviews. It seems that some people think that bloggers are just SWIMMING in referral money. Well, maybe some of them are. But I’m not. After 8 months of Stitch Fix posts, including one that was syndicated on BlogHer with tons and tons of views, I have gotten THREE referrals. That is $75 towards my Stitch Fix purchases. So no, I’m not swimming in Stitch Fix money like Scrooge McDuck.

And I’m OKAY with that – I’m not writing these posts to earn money, I’m writing them because I think it’s fun (and funny) to do my silly little fashion shows and read your comments.

So, let’s get to it! For this month’s Fix, I told my stylist (Meagan) that I was going to BlogHer next month and would love some warmer weather clothes – like dresses with full skirts and fun print tank tops.

Here’s what I got:

Ezra Cosette Crochet Detail Knit Shirt - Pocketful of Joules

Item #1: Cosette Crochet Detail Knit Shirt – $48
One of the brands that I’m obsessed with is Lucky Jeans, and this shirt totally reminds me of a Lucky shirt. Here’s the style card for the Stitch Fix suggested ways that you can wear it, which worked out great for me since I already own an almost identical skirt.


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