Screw the Dealership: I MacGyvered My Key Fob

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My key fob on my Honda croaked.  No big … I took my husband’s extra key.  BACK-UP!

Then?  The OTHER one croaked.  Within a week … wt … how does THAT happen?

Honda key

Credit Image: Jessie Pearl on Flickr

Now, yes, I’m aware … I can go OLD SCHOOL, use a key, right?  No.  Wrong.  #lazy

What would I normally have done?  Called my Daddy.  Because he was MacGyver.  On everything … and if I went over there and asked, it would be fixed.  Lickety split fixed!  BAM.

Then I thought, “CRAP … ” and realized, “I have to do this myself … I have to.”

Of course … I Google.  I watch a YouTube video.  I get all the tiny tools, the CR1616 batteries and BAM!  I CHANGE THE BATTERIES IN BOTH AND THEY WORK LIKE BRAND NEW.  I did it!  I didn’t break anything!  I didn’t go to the dealership!  I didn’t throw it across the room!  I.  Did.  IT.

And I sighed … and smiled.  My Daddy would be SO proud of me.  Seriously, he would have been pleased.  I could FEEL his happy feelings.  It was just up his alley to fix stuff.  I did it.  I’m 42.  And I can change a key fob battery.  I felt like I accomplished an amazing task.  I.  Did.  IT.  You make think “um … wt”, but it made me feel great.  Smile … happy.

And … FYI?  It’s odd both died within a week.  Hmmmmm, ODD*

*Thanks, Daddy, for the sign, I got it.   I miss you every day for the last six months, but I still got all your genius in me.  Love you … thanks for reminding me.

Hateful Joy


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