My Kid Swears. And It's All My Fault

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"Beep" is in. Even though it makes me bleeping pissed.

So I guess I shouldn't have been at all surprised when he came up with the "#$%&@" for his sign. He reads comics. He watches (highly edited by me, not so much by his dad) cartoons. He's read Garfield, The Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes. Who knows which of those introduced him to the siren song of "#$%&" or "*&%#@" or even just "****"…

All I know is that it's a losing battle, not just for my failures as an inveterate swearer myself. But also for having the good fortune of giving birth to a smart, attentive, willful kid, who's decided that my attempts to get him not to swear are a puzzle to be solved with creativity, a wink of his eye, and a little bit of "beeeeeeeep."

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