My kid is a wimp

I think my son is a wimp and it is hard to bear at times. He has two blisters on his heel and for the past two days he argues and debates about what shoes will cause the least amount of pain. He refuses plasters,won't wear his crocs, freaks out when he puts socks on. I don't remember ever freakn out about blisters or owies or scrapped knees but the slightest bump and he squeals. I know I sound like a douche bag but he is just so different from me that I find it hard to relate. My youngest is cut from my cloth more; tough, thickskinned, fearless...

But the downside / otherside is that my youngest has major temper tantrums, struggles to share and has the cutest pout. Just like his mama. My eldest son is kind, thoughtful and patient.

It is hard to find out that our children are different from us. I feel like I can't relate at times with him. I want to and I try to change my perspective and take things from his point of view. We talk about the blisters and how they hurt, different options for footwear, why they happen. I give him time to figure out what to wear, listen and murmer when he complains 'owowowoowowoow' but notice how he forgets about the pain as soon as we hit the park.

Children have many lessons to teach us but this was not one I expected. Facing the parts of us we don't like reflected in our children is a tough lesson. My ex best friend has struggled with her weight her entire life. She is now a size 8 and determined to stay that way. She once said to me that the worst thing she could ever imagining happening to her son was being fat. Perhaps for me being sensitive and having an expectation that everything should be fine and painfree is equally as terrifying because I worry that he won't be strong enough for the world ahead.


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