My kids are NOT perfect


I must have an affliction.  Seriously….I do.  I hear stories and see my judge shows and KNOW I have a problem.

Do parents automatically think that their kid couldn’t have done something wrong?  Or that it’s not their fault ‘such-in-such’ happened?  Or there’s no WAY “my kid” did THAT?

Well, I’m the opposite parent, apparently.  I assume it WAS my kids.  I ASSUME, they were the ones acting like fools and broke something, or messed up something, or cussed, or yelled, or ran..or. or. or.  I just KNOW it’s my kids.  I just KNOW it.  It MUST be.  If something went to crap, the Gingers were involved.  Maybe it’s because I have boys?  Maybe?

I never think “there is NO WAY my kid did THAT”.  Hell, I just KNOW they DID!  Am I infected with “I assume the worst” virus?  I must be.

Or maybe, just maybe…I live in reality.  Kids mess up.  Kids act like fools.  Kids do stupid crap. Kids make crappy decisions.  Kids get crappy grades.  Kids act up in class.  Kids are kids.  THAT’S why I assume it was them. Because they are boys that screw up.  Not kids that fly on clouds, straight from heaven, because they are angels.  Seriously…not my boys.

I can only imagine what horrible things I will KNOW they do when they are teenagers.  I guarantee I will assume it is ALL their fault.  No good behavior perfectionists up in here.


Assuming my Kids are Jackwagons at Every Turn


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