My Kid's Got the Kindergarten Blues


Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My son started Kindergarten last week and he cries every day when I drop him off. The teachers say he does okay after I leave, but it's killing me to see him so sad every morning. I thought it'd be done by now, but he's still freaking out. Advice?

Heartbroken Mom


My Kid's Got the Kindergarten Blues
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Dear Heartbroken Mom,

Oh, the poor sweet baby! It's almost like they know that the next 12-18 years of their lives are going to be filled with brutal book reports, science labs, and that godforsaken graphing calculator. Truth be told, my seven-year-old was this way last year. Every morning for at least a month, I had to have his sweet teacher help me peel his arms from around my waist as he wailed about the injustices of his abandonment. By the time I got into the car, I'm not sure which one of us was crying harder. (Probably his teacher after catching a stray foot or hand flail.)

In fact, when he started first grade last week, the same thing happened. My stomach dropped at the prospect of having to relive that anguish every morning. But, you know what? He's already doing better. And even last year, when I sure the boy would cry himself dry, he was always better nearly as soon as I left. Be reassured in knowing that this is perfectly natural and it is something that your son will overcome and even forget about completely years down the road.

If he's having an especially tough transition, try sending him in with a special memento he can look at or reach for in his pocket when he's feeling especially overwhelmed or scared. As for you, go ahead and cry your eyes out in the parking lot, but make sure that boy sees you with a confident smile each time you wave goodbye. He's going to be fine, and he needs to see that you believe it before he will himself.

Also: wine.

Hang in there momma,
Kristine, TMH


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