My Kids Have Been Home Since 12/20

We had Christmas break.


I've been working at home with them -- between covering their holiday and snow days.  We've been together since 12/20.

And now?  School is canceled again tomorrow (we can't do polar vortex in the South, FYI).  But my mom is going to hang with the Gingers tomorrow.  I HAVE to go to the office....there is still paper in my world, that I need to SEE it at the office.  :)

But you know what?  We really needed all this time.  We have laughed, hung out, gotten angry, gotten sad, had it all.

And it's good.  And healthy.  And sacred.  To spend this much time with my boys. 

Watching them build a fort from a box Playing with the new kitten Snuggling in the den because it "so cold Mom if we go out we will DIE" Watching Ryan make a Chore List, with rates he wants to charge.  And negoitating the terms Owen watching Auburn play last night and "being a War Eagle for just ONE day" My husband helping them with all the toys they got over the holiday Staying up late and sleeping until 830a Being together

No homework.  No practice.  No nothing.  Me, working, but them, chilling. 

Relaxed.  Happy.  Fun.

Goodbye extended break.  You have given me some awesome non-crazy time with my Gingers.  And this mama needed it.  See you at Spring Break.

Love, Hatefully Cold Joy


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