My Kind of Town?

My college roommate recently moved to Chicago.  While I wish she would come home to New York, I'm counting it as a marked improvement, visiting-wise, over the homes she's had in Missouri since we graduated.  It was only a 2-hour flight!  For what will likely be my final post-baby flight, we went out to visit her, her husband, and their one-year-old last weekend.  After all, we needed the kid practice!

We had a really fun weekend.  We got to eat at Topolobampo, which we've wanted to try since Rick Bayless destroyed the competition with Oaxacan mole on Top Chef Masters.  It was everything we'd been dreaming of.  Since we were staying at the historic Hilton Chicago and they live nearby, we spent most of the next day exploring Michigan Avenue.  The most important stop for my husband was the University of Notre Dame bookstore.  He started the Duke/Notre Dame battle for the baby's heart early, and the stuff is really cute (though I think the weather and the fact that I actually went to the school I'm supporting will help my case).

We also went to visit Millennium Park, where we all got our practice chasing an energetic little boy around the bean (the "Cloud Gate" sculpture).  It was very neat to see the reflections of different things in the area.

I also enjoyed the team spirit displayed by the lions outside the Chicago Art Institute.

On our last day in town, we took a great architecture boat tour given by the Chicago Architecture Foundation, which also has a great store.  I picked out lots of buildings where I would move if we went to Chicago, but the ones near the chocolate factory would probably win because it smelled like heaven. Here are a few of the pictures I took on the tour.



It was a great weekend, and we were happy to leave still happy that we're having a baby!

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