I believe that last period stories, or almost last period stories, have got to be as interesting as first period stories.  Mine is far better and I have to believe that others have some doozies too.  I can say with certainty that the last period story is a lot more recent than the first period story.  At the very least, I  (and many others) will remember the emotion and embarrassment more vividly.  

The reason I bring up last period stories is that earlier this month I posted a blog about first tampon experiences and asked women to share their first tampon story. Also, I came across another posting asking women to share their first period stories, which many did.  Those can be funny, poignant, embarrassing or courageous.  I say courageous because I just watched one of Rachel Kauder Nalebuff’s videos about first period stories, which are posted on (  
It seems that Rachel's grandmother got her first period during WWII shortly before she was going to be subjected to a strip search.  HORRID.  Fortunately, she made it through the war to tell the story.  In the series of videos, Rachel shares first-period stories she has been collecting since she was 13.   

After watching the videos, it struck me that my last period story was embarrassing and a bit crazy and had some factors in common with first period stores.  This is a very abbreviated version of my story:  While going through menopause and having irregular periods that were far and few between, I got a period about 5 months after my previous period.  At the time, I thought I was menopausal.  As an aside, menopause is officially 1 year after the last period.   In any case, I was sitting on a train in Italy with my daughter and got my period unexpectedly.   We were in a first class compartment that was full with 4 others, all strangers.  I leaked through my khaki pants and was mortified.  The Tampax Queen (as my family affectionately referred to me) got an unprotected period.  As it turns out, it was my last.  Actually, that experience made me have absolutely NO REGRETS regarding the end of my menstrual cycle.   

What about other women?  Any good last period stories to share??  After all, growing older and menopause is inevitable.  For some the transition is more difficult than for others.  However, no matter how challenging, I like to think that we can find humor that will help us laugh our way to the next phase of life.  To that end, please share. 


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