My Life According To Facebook

From time to time I log onto Facebook and purge photos of me that have been tagged and commented on by others. Let’s be honest. When people post photos of themselves on Facebook, they usually look great. What these people fail to do on occasion is make sure the person standing next to them in the photo looks great too.

Or, the people in the photo might both look great, but some random friend-of-a-friend comes along and makes some distasteful comments.

Facebook started when I was in college. I am no longer in college therefore 90% of the photos with me in them do not need to be on display to the world. I was explaining this to some of my co-workers the other day and they had a good laugh at my expense. Sadly (or maybe not), one of my Facebook friends can get a pretty good idea of what I’ve been up to in my adult life by checking out photos other people have tagged of me.

In a nutshell..

My college friends and I liked to make t-shirts and take group photos.

I graduated from college in an era where we thought it was a great idea to bleach our hair.

I met the man of my dreams?

We made it down the aisle.

I had to be a Coug fan in Eugene.

We took a lot of aukward family photos.

Tom passed the bar.

Then he bought me this hat.

The end.

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