My Life is A Jill Scott Song

I am a Jill Scott fan, and have been ever since I heard "He Loves Me (Lyzel in E flat) for the first time. Though her voice captivated me, her lyrics were what made me fall in love with her music.  In a word, I was amazed. I remember listening to her sing about whomever he was loving her "From her hair follicle to her toenails" and how he "co-writed,ignited,and incited her to chorus". I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard ,and at 12 years old, it very well might have been.

 Even while I was singing other songs like "Quick" ("When you left me, couldn't believe it, I thought that we had magic, I thought that we were special, but it's over now") or "I Think It's Better" (He's so sweet and good, I can't let him go.) and even today's "Celibacy Blues" (enough said), "He Loves Me" always applied to whatever guy I truly liked at the time. Its the song that I hope will one day apply to me.  *crosses fingers* *crosses toes*