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As I contemplated what I wanted to share about my experience as a Junior Olympian’s Mom, I pondered a recent  ESPN June’12 article that proclaimed my daughter (known as the world's fastest 11 year old) Lauren Rain Williams is...

“A potential Olympian and one of the top 33 women that will change the way sports is played”

That's a big role to fill. I feel like I am approaching the top of the rollercoaster just about to drop down, and then I am brought back up to the top for more thrills, frights and a lot more twists and turns.

After all, we as a family have just gotten started in the amusement park of elite competition. Just like getting off one ride and rushing to the next for more excitement as well as a bit of the unknown. This is my life as TrackMom.

In many ways, with the recent conclusion of our 6th Championship Season, most would think our summer trek across the country would be old hat, a walk in the park. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While very little about any of the previous years of competition is familiar, this year brings one constant. Expectation, Hope and Belief that Lauren can and will perform her best. By the time the competitions were over on August 4, 2012 the USATF and AAU Junior Olympics Championship yielded Lauren two bronze (3rd place) 100m 200m medals at the USATF Junior Olympics and  two Gold (1st place) 100m 200m medals in the span of two fast-paced weeks .

Before Lauren ran each of her races I whispered in her ear as I have done so many times since she was 6 and a half years old “ Now Go Meet Your Destiny.”   As always, she  smiled and walked away confidently. 

Photo: Lauren Rain Williams

She has now finished what she started in early February. It's the end of another eventful season. There was a small injury, team fun travel, and personal bests four times.  Lauren has grown a lot this year in the sport she loves and we have grown in how to nurture her just a bit better next season for continued growth both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

From the very beginning I had the idea of starting with the end in mind. So generally speaking, Lauren’s training for the upcoming season begins as soon as the final race is complete for the current season.  

Let me explain further…..  As team “Williams” my husband and I work for Lauren together. She and we all have duties toward her development academically and athletically. Henry is the coach, personal trainer, chief financial provider and great dad.  

I am the team member that wears a lot of mini hats. Many tasks are probably similar to other moms such as cook, personal driver, private tutor and school project manager. Some of the things I do may not seem that average such as nutritional researcher, sports psychologist, logistical strategist e.g. booking flights (mostly post season), finding and choosing (with Henry’s help) the meets Lauren will attend, selecting potential high schools (only one more year) and very important recreational liaison (coordinator of fun stuff during the training season and off season alike)      

Success in competitive sports depends on many key factors but here are five that I believe are very most important:

1. Preexisting talent (some skills that stand out to some degree from the norm - not necessarily the top but in a top mix of good athletes)

2. A strong internal drive within the aspiring athlete (A nature to push for excellence in most areas of their life)

3. A caring and sound social support system. (Friends and family peers that encourage the athletes’ pursuit of the highest level possible) 

4. A family structure on which an athlete can depend for financial and emotional support (parents or guardians that give support to the athlete’s desire for success)

 5. A consistent, focused approached to the skills needed over many years to develop an elite level athlete with a progressive coach, trainers and healthcare providers to support the development of the athlete. A program that is safe and maximizes the athlete’s natural and developed talents.

I believe from the very beginning Lauren’s drive to be the best showed in her desire to work hard. At a very early age she would try and try again in many activities until she could master whatever it was. Her desire for many activities outside of track has driven her to pursue lots of things which have naturally given her the balance needed in a child’s life.


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