My Life's Purpose and Maple Syrup Fingers

I started reading Live Your Life’s Purpose: a Guidebook for Creating and Living Your Life’s Purpose by Dorothy Ratusny today.  Actually, I tried to start reading it two days ago but got only two sentences in.  This morning while DH was making “Holiday Monday French Toast” (family tradition and very appropriate for Ontario, Canada’s “Family Day” holiday), I was able to read the 2 page Foreward and 2 pages of the Introduction.  Ms. Ratusny has used lovely words and thoughts such as “It’s as though we have forgotten how to enjoy each present moment of beauty and wonderment…”, “If we spend any amount of time with our self in silence, it becomes clear: beneath what we perceive as emptiness lies truth”, and “Personal growth begins with the discipline of heightened awareness of self and the desire to evolve – to become ‘more’.”.  Beautiful words.  I’m looking forward to reading this book and doing some of the exercises.


Having said that, silence is not something that is common in our family…4 words: four-year-old twins.   While reading these beautiful words, there were a few normal distractions which made me take almost half an hour to read four pages. I had to remind our son 3 times to use his fork instead of his fingers while eating French toast with maple syrup, ask our daughter if she had to go potty while she’s doing a potty dance, tell her not to get distracted by the TV (which was on and no one was watching – how does that happen?) and to go upstairs to go potty, and I received a fun text from DH while he was making French Toast (parents of twins are GREAT at multi-tasking!).


So, if this book is supposed to help me find my life’s purpose, does it mean that I’m an etiquette coach, a potty-trainer, a life coach, and a technology geek?  Or, does it just mean that my life’s purpose is to be a mom?  Do people actually know what their life’s purpose is? 


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