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Well, Sammy (my youngest) has been giving serious thought to what he wants to be when he grows up, and decided a while back that he wants to work for the Lego company.  I was very excited, and figured that this fit in with the engineer in him. However he recently changed his mind.  Sam has become interested in the show Ace of Cakes, on the Food Network channel, and that is all he wants to do now.  Can we make a cake mom?  can we make cookies mom?  Can I use the oven maker mom?  Well in his wisdom, he decided that he wanted to work for Duff.  (the guy who owns Charm City Cakes) on Ace of Cakes.

So he told me what he wanted his letter to say, and I typed it out for him.  Below is the actual letter that we sent.

I realize how busy you are, and that you probably don't have time for this email, but please keep reading. My name is Rachel, I am a mom in Washington state, who is just trying to help her little boy. Sammy has written you a letter, and I promised him I would make sure you got it. This is his letter in his words.

Dear Charm City Cakes,

My name is Sam Fisher. I am 6 I want to work with you and make all kinds of cakes. How much will you pay me? I want to make an alarm clock cake so it will go ring, ring. But not electrical, cause I don't want you to eat that part. I would make a Lego plane cake with Lego guys in the plane that you can open the top to put the captain in the captain room of the plane. I want to make a TB cake with a knob to turn on lights around it on the edge. Do you pay money or cake? A Pepsi cake would be good too. Please can you hire me?



I live in Republic WA I will move there to work.

 NOW I know obviously you are not going to hire him, but you have inspired him. He started crying when I told him how old he has to be to go to culinary school, and wants so bad to work before then. He is staying home from school tomorrow (no school day) to make cakes with me. We are going to attempt the alarm clock cake. One last thing. He wanted to work for the Lego company before, but not any more. He is a chef all the way. Did I mention he once got a easy bake oven from Santa, cause he wanted to cook so bad.

 Thanks for listening.

Sam's mom Rachel

 and here is the response he got in return.

Hi Sam,


Thanks for your email. We're happy to send an autographed postcard of Duff!


Please mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope that is at least 8" x 6" to:


Autograph Request

2936 Remington Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21211


At this time, we can only send autographs within the United States. 


Requests should be filled within 4-6 weeks. Sorry, but we cannot personalize autographs or autograph merchandise or personal items. 


The Staff at Charm City Cakes

Now I understand that they are SUPER busy, but Sam is six, and he doesn't quite get it yet.  So, what was his response to their reply? 

"So do I get the job?  are they sending a plane or a car?"  Poor poor Sam is so sad.  Not to say he doesn't want the postcard, but they didn't answer his questions or anything... He was very disappointed, and I feel so sorry for him.  However we are still baking, and will probably make more cookies tonight.


What do you think?  Should they have sent a more personalized response?  Like Keep up the good work and we'll look at ya when your 18.  Or Awesome goal lil' guy! keep makin and bakin.  Or do I expect too much because he is my baby?



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