My Little Chequered Kitchen

My name is Monique and I’m a Kiwi living with my Dutch husband here in the Netherlands.  I’m passionate about simple home cooking, whether it be savoury or sweet.  This passion was instilled in me whilst growing up in Wellington, New Zealand with a mother who took pride in cooking the most scrumptious meals for my father and two big brothers, but who above all was a terrific baker and who would constantly research and update her recipes in the search for perfection.  Some of my most vivid and happiest childhood memories revolve around my magnificent birthday parties.  My mother would spend days in preparation, making the most incredible array of delicious snacks and treats that would crowd the dining table which was surrounded by a group of wide-eyed little girls with mouths salivating at the feast laid out before them.  My birthday parties and I were the envy of all my friends!

These days, I like to show others that it doesn’t have to be difficult to create a fantastic meal from scratch, and that it is in fact much healthier to use natural ingredients to create your own dishes, rather than using packet mixes or prepackaged foods that contain unhealthy preservatives or additives – and this even applies to our time-poor day and age when we often rush through the front door running late and tired after a long day of hard work, and the last thing we want is to spend another hour cooking in the kitchen!  There are healthy meal solutions for every circumstance – and all can be made from scratch!

Cooking is my expression of love. It’s my gift to friends and loved ones and now to you.  I hope you enjoy your time here discovering the recipes on my blog.  And don’t forget to leave me a message!  I promise I’ll try to reply.

Monique xx