I'm late, I'm late.....

We're in the second week of school, and my 11 year old still likes her teachers, so we're off to a good start. Or we were, until last week.

"How was your day at school?"

Shrug (omg is it time for the noncommittal shrug ALREADY? I was sure I had at least another 3 years).

"Did you have fun? Did you spend time with your friends? Did you duck into the girl's bathroom to smoke a cigarette?"

Blank stare, followed by a small smile "You know I stopped smoking last week - can't afford cigarettes on my allowance".

Long pause.

"I was late to P.E."

"You were late to P.E?" my pulse starts racing  (How is this possible?  I was never late to class! Must be her father's genes....) I take a sip of water (well, it wasn't really water, but this is my story, and I can change the details if I want to) and feign disinterest. "How did it happen?"

"Well, when the lunch bell rang, I thought it was wrong, because it seemed too soon for it to be over. Then when I tried to get to my locker to get my math book, everyone else was there too...."

"Your math book? Don't you have math in the morning before lunch?"

"Well, yes, but I needed it for homework."

Last year, my fifth grader was ALWAYS forgetting her book, or her project, or her lunch. Now that she's a mature six grader she's trying to be more responsible. So here's the dilemma - should I praise her for making sure she has her necessary homework tools, or discipline her for being Alice's White Rabbit?...




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