My Love Letters to Food Series - Chile Verde and Hashbrowns

Hello everyone!

Before you read this, I have to warn you all that there will be a series of "My Love Letters to Food" posted on here.  I have an extreme love for food, which could be my downfall, but I have to express it somehow! My boyfriend thought I was crazy for talking to my food when I enjoyed, so I decided to write letters instead. ;x This is also my way of letting people know awesome places to eat. I hope you enjoy reading them! :)   


Dear Chile Verde and Hashbrowns from the Evergreen Pub,

Oh, chile verde, it’s been so long since your sweet sauces have graced my tongue.  I remember ordering you all the time from various Mexican restaurants and I have no idea why I stopped. Oh, you are so, so good.  Even as leftovers… which you are… heated up with hashbrowns from the Evergreen Pub.  Thank you, my boyfriend’s parents! 

I’m making my coworkers jealous with you.  Your aroma is engulfing the whole office and as a sadistic person, this is my sense of “torture.” Muahaha!  Each bite is better than the last. I slowly chew you, hold you in my cheek, and let the tender juices seep down my throat as I embrace every taste bud.  You go quite well with these papas, my dear.  Mmm, darn it, you are so tender.

Even your after taste is making my salivary glands water insanely.  My stomach is filling happily with each scrumptious bite.  I can’t help myself, the memories of you flood through my mind.  I know each place has a different version, but still, the general idea sweeps me away into a dreamland covered in chile verde sauce, chunks of sweet, tender pork, rice, beans, …no cheese… no cheese…, and maybe some of that spicy orange sauce from down in San Jose, CA, wrapped in a soft, warmed flour tortilla.  Mmmmm…

I must admit, I did heat you up ten minutes before lunch actually started.  I couldn’t resist! My stomach growled for something more than a banana and a Maple and Brown Sugar Nature’s Valley bar.   It was a good way to beat the teamsters to the one microwave we have as the other one’s cord slowly melted from the unforgiving heat of our new toaster oven.  Their bad.

You are all done now.  You sick, sick tease you.  Now, my next mission is to find you in a burrito from my favorite Public Market.  Or the Red Taco truck!  Have I told you about the Red Taco truck yet? We may just need to meet again for another letter of pure love.  Don’t worry, baby… I won’t be long.




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