The most magical pumpkin (soup). This is why I never stopped believing in miracles. Because miracles happen. In two minutes. Daily. Pumpkins turn into carriages if you are Cinderella and you need to go to the dance urgently. You meet the prince. (After a while you find yourself discussing loan payments together and why the cellular phone bill is so high, but , hey, the pumpkin did its part, it took you to the dance). Cinderella lived when I was , what, ten years old, but it didn't stop there: magic carried on and pumpkins kept on changing into carriages that took me to all sort of surprise destinations. Only now I had to ... cook them! And , here perhaps, a little dent into this text, my philosophy , cooking, for me, has nothing to do with pretentiousness , only with magic : a leek and an onion marry and with the help of butter they turn into this awsome food called Vichyssoise soup! Isn't this magic? Fast forward to November , 2011, Athens , Greece : I know a guy from college days. Back then , he was a thinker and one of the most artistic students. Now he is an established journalist in a top greek newspaper and continues to breathe art and write about art. He writes, photographs and still does other super interesting things . He also lately inspires and invites Athenians , through Facebook , to weekly visits downtown Athens , so that this beautiful ancient city of ours doesn't fall into further decay , indifference and sadness. He photographs the city's beauties and reminds us of how precious our country's capital is and that only through our participation the city center will continue to be a magical place for all of us to enjoy! His name is Nikos Vatopoulos and if I hadn't reconnected with him recently at an event , I wouldn't have won this ticket to the , well, not ball , but to Anoushka Shankar's concert (whom I genuinely like almost as much as her dad, Ravi Shankar, who made Indian music known to the world). How do these connect? Through magic! Pumpkin magic! Nikos posted on his facebook wall yesterday ,generously offering a ticket to the concert to whomever would be interested and I rushed and wrote to him and got my name in the waiting list. I even offered to cook with his favorite ingredient in case I won. And I ...won! I am the girl that goes to the baaaaaall... So, here is what Nikos asked for, in case I won, to cook a soup for him! And it so happens that this soup has the miracle ingredient in it, my favorite Fall star , the orange , filled with C-goodness Mrs. Magic , the pumpkin! Now, all I need is to remember to wear sneakers to the ball, not any stupid easy to slip off my foot crystal pumps! Just in case , a silly prince looking for love finds it and then we take a house loan together , have kids , write blogs , and live .... 2x10 MINUTES ANGIE PUMPKIN MAGIC SOUP Take 5 cups peeled ,seeded and chopped pumpkin, 2 sliced carrots and 1 sweet potato , 1 cup finely chopped onion , 90 grams of butter and some grated ginger and put them in a pot over high heat , stirring for five minutes. Add 4 cups of hot water or home made chicken broth or half and half. Let it simmer for ten to fifteen minutes , stirring occasionally and adding some more liquid if you have to. Process soup in a blender , add some salt and pepper and enjoy with home-made coriander croutons ( please , find recipe in previous posts ). Or just some fresh bread. Call it lunch. Dinner. Magic.


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