On My Magnum Opus, And Other News

Unprofessional cookery

Ahmahghaaad.  Dudes.  You know what is so annoying?  I mean, enough to make me curse the electronic means by which I write?  WELL.  Let me tell you.

I had this beautifully crafted, achingly touching article written up for your eyes to feast upon today.  Not only that, I had this sweet, sweet sonata of words written weeks before a deadline.  Every eye dotted, every tea crossed according to the Chicago Manual of Style.  Every word checked and double Czeched for spelling and correct usage!  And then you know what happened? My internet burped and I lost the entire thing!

April Fools.  But really, I did find a bunch of interesting things for you to read instead.  That’s, you know, pretty good.  Right?

Don’t look at me that way.

  • Europe, I love you forever and ever amen.  (Delish)
  • Dearest Grant:  You’re famous now.  Please, for the love of all things holy, get a real haircut.  (Huffington Post)
  • So, you know, we are on Twitter and we are on Facebook.  Just making a suggestion.
  • “An Eternal Pork Embrace” may be the best thing I’ve read all year long.  (The Consumerist)
  • Do they exclusively use Yoshida’s sauce purchased in gallon jugs from Costco?  If so, get me some!  (EV Grieve)
  • Her tweeted version suggested “I hope it doesn’t offend”.  Mmm hmm.  (L Magazine)


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