My Minute: Give Your Break a Break-Over

As the saying goes, anything can change “in a New York minute.” Sixty seconds might be all you need to recharge, regain control, get an energy boost, or simply mentally, emotionally, and physically repair. My Minute is a weekly tip segment that offers ways to make your daily minutes add up to benefit you. In each post, we highlight an aspect of your every day routine with one suggestion on how to make that routine work to give you a little, but much deserved, life lift.

 This Week’s My Minute: Give Yourself a Break-Over

 You’re standing at the kitchen sink scarfing down a granola bar, your mobile device palmed in your hand as you scroll through Facebook updates and emails. That’s your break. You wander into the break room, grab a cup of coffee, and stare blankly at someone else’s bowl of hot oatmeal twirling lackadaisically in the microwave. That’s your break. Stopping in your tracks to wolf down a bit of midday sustenance does not a fulfilling break make, but maybe all you need is to give your break a break-over.


Ruth Rhodes, a California mother whose son has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a neuro-muscular disease without cure, inspired this My Minute. Ruth knows how to take her break in style as evidenced by this charming photo she snapped this week. Why not give your 10 or 15 minute daily breaks the royal treatment they and YOU deserve? Ruth broke out a pretty coffee cup, linen napkin, and added a cheery flower garnish for mood-boosting effect. Why not do the same? A pretty cup, special mug, cute plate, or even colorful utensils can go a long way to putting you in a relaxing or soothing state of mind.


Photo by Ruth Rhodes

Or try this:

 Enjoy your break in a comfy, over-stuffed chair, sunny table, or in a cheery spot in your house or office. Seek out a location to take your break that is aesthetically enjoyable and makes you feel good, maybe a sunny bench outside, maybe a noisy café rife for people watching. Take your break in a location that will enable you to recharge, unplug, and regroup. You know, everything a break should be!

For caregivers seeking more tips, resources, and ways to reinvest in your well-being on a daily basis, visit HerSelf First:










Dr. Sheila C. Moeschen

Director, HerSelf First


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