My Minute: Prep Power!

As the saying goes, anything can change “in a New York minute.” Sixty seconds might be all you need to recharge, regain control, get an energy boost, or simply mentally, emotionally, and physically repair. My Minute is a weekly tip segment that offers ways to make your daily minutes add up to benefit you. In each post, we highlight an aspect of your every day routine with one suggestion on how to make that routine work to give you a little, but much deserved, life lift.


My Minute: Prep Power

 Be prepared! Trumpets the Boy Scout motto. While this may conjure images of first aid kits, maps and geotracking devices, and camping gear, it can also refer to the act of prep-work in general. The small, simple steps you take to prepare for an activity, event, or daily routine are the ones that will help you reclaim free time later on. Sixty-seconds, ninety-seconds feel like tiny increments, but they add up to make a big difference to your emotional, spiritual, and physical health. Make the power of prep work for you morning, noon, and night:

  •  Morning: Planning on pasta for dinner? Fill your pot with water, cover and leave turned off on the stove. Set the rule that the first responsible adult home cranks up the water to boil. Half the meal is already on its way to getting done! Get creative and customize this trick for whatever meal you have planned.


  • Noon: Pre-sort silverware as you load the dishwasher. This tip comes from Real Simple reader Denise Bates. In this month’s magazine, Bates points out that separating spoons, forks, and knives into their own individual dishwasher bins enables her to easily pull utensils and put them away.


  • Night: Pick out your (or your children’s) clothes for the next day the night before and put them in a place (bureau, bench, armchair, or section of the closet) that makes them ultra-accessible to get to in the morning. You’ve just given yourself ten (or more) extra minutes at the start of every day!

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Dr. Sheila C. Moeschen

Director, HerSelf First