My misadventures in sewing part I

It is still sitting there mocking me.  To be honest, I have not had time to fool with the thing.  Without fail, next week I am going to attempt to get some thread on a bobbin!

I called my Mammie to let her know about my recently acquired sewing machine...mistake #1 or so I thought.  She was rather displeased with me over my obvious lack of brains.  After all, she has a perfectly good, brand new 25 -30-year-old sewing machine at her house that I may have; she will even show me how to use it if I come to visit her THIS weekend.  Ornery old Polish woman!  Please do not take that the wrong way - I love my grandmother.  She is my best friend.  We talk on the phone at least twice a day, one encouraging the other to overcome life's little hiccups.  Again, I digressed.  I could write an entire book on my relationship with her, a very heavy book.

Mamm thinks I have returned my new fangled machine.  She insisted that I do not need it as she is giving me her "new" one.  Shhh Don’t tell her the new one is still mocking me from the front room, k?

My journey begins as soon as I can get my sleepy bottom showered and in the van.  Sleepovers with Mamm are always fun!  I bet she's already waiting on the is a 6-hour drive.  When I return from my journey, I will fill you all in - You know, stuff like how many fingers I have left and how long it took me to put the spool of thread on the sticking up part on the top of the machine.

I cannot wait for porch time with my Mamm!  Don't forget to check back on Monday night...I may even have a picture or two of my "new" machine!

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Mrs. H


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