My Mom Wasn't Into Letting Us Have A Pet, But Our Neighbors Were Another Story!

"Mommy, today I saw a puppy in the toilet at the Mullen's!," upon which my mother went into full on haughty mode and replied, "Well.....this is not the Mullen household!"  As if there were any doubt about that news flash.

When I grew up, my mom told us that she had hidden her Multiple Sclerosis from us for over 25 years and things began to make a bit more sense, but as a little girl, all I knew was that the Mullen's were having a lot more fun at their house, than we were at ours!

When I got married and had kids of my own, I made conscious choices to raise them differently than the way my parents raised us.  I don't know if it's better or worse, of it there's really any need for comparison, but I wanted them to have the experiences we didn't have, including the experience of having pets.

And we've had many over the years.

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