My Monster, My Demon

Day one

I've been struggling with an illness that has been taking over my mind, body, everything for over a decade.  The doctors labeled it Multiple Sclerosis about five years ago, but what does that mean?  It's such a generic...generality.  There is no definitive test that comes up positive for MS, it's just a doctor's guess at a label and possible treatment for a HUGE amount of symptoms.

The worst part is that the treatments don't cure.  Insult to injury, the treatments make you feel awful.  Being relapse/remit and only having serious symptoms about three times a year I refuse the treatments.  I am a truth seeker and an illness with no real cause just doesn't make sense.  No cause is no cure.

So I researched.  And researched more.  And I've found one conclusion.  Lyme.  I tested negative for it which is not uncommon.  Sadly, doctors won't touch the disease especially if you get a false negative.  I had the bullseye rash over a decade ago and thought it was a spider bite.  Stupid.

No worries.  I'm taking matters into my own hands.  How can a doctor treat this in ways that I cannot?  Drugs?  No problem.  I have in my possession an insane amount of Doxycycline.  I'm going to do a long term treatment of 100mg TID.  I have faith.

If I have any adverse reactions, I will see a doctor and have tests done.  Pill number one was taken about an hour ago.  Wish me luck on banishing this hell.

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