My Morning Rabbit; A Life Well Lived Moment


For me I often experience a life well lived moment, on my morning jog. I have a "morning rabbit". There's a jack rabbit on my dirt driveway, about 1/2 mile from our house, every time I jog. I'm begining to think he has the same work-out schedule that I do. I greet him, then continue to jog. There's a sprig of mustard weed illuminated in the early sunlight, with   a spider web studded with diamonds of dew drops.  I look up, scolded by a blue jay, I continue.

On a telephone post I see the morning red tail hawk.  Another few hundred feet, blue birds are swooping in and out of a barbed wire fence that encloses a neighboring field.  Another half mile, I hear the sweet calls of the meadowlark, I stop to listen, and verbally thank him; "Morning, Meadowlark."   On the way back I see horses in the pastures running back and forth. The sun continues to rise. There is the kestrel hawk peering down at me from the overhead telephone wires. To the right I crest a hill, and see a bright flash of yellow. It's a brilliant yellow western tanager. They are pretty shy so I just stop and stare, but say nothing.

As I turn in the driveway, still another mile back to house, a domestic rabbit, whom I call "Black Bunny" is hopping along and pauses to look up at me. "Good Morning, Black Bunny" I say and continue down the path. Jack rabbit # 2 zig zags ahead of me. I stop to water the flower beds outside my art studio; my heart gladdens every time I look at the guest house that no longer houses tenants. I feel blessed to have this special place to create art.

Not much time left; I'm crossing the bridge over the creek when I notice Mr. and Mrs. Mallard are back, soon to be nesting, and not long after, the annual ducklings will arrive. Jogging past the stable, I look left to the pasture and oak tree studded hill, the doe heavy with twins, and the yearlings that were fawns last year, turn and stare; "Morning Doe, when will you have the twins?". I have only the hill ahead of me and I'm done. As I run along the corrals, on the right, my horses come with me at a gallop. They are faster than I am; leaving me in the dust.

During these moments, when I practice being focused in the moment, I feel blessed to see these things, breathe clean rural air, and notice I am still able to exercise all my senses. 





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