My most chilling Death story...

I know way too much about death...Oh this too morbid for a NaBlaPoMo post?  I didn't see it in my list of November prompt options...maybe I could save this for the day after Thanksgiving...Black Friday...

(This is my husband with our dog...LOOK!  Even the poor dog isn't safe from--Just kidding--the dog likes to sleep on his back)

OK, here it is...My husband is a funeral director and my stepson does "pick up" for the medical examiner...and, as my son has assured me, it's nothing like what it's depicted on other words, there's no one that looks like the guy who played Sam on the TV show Cheers at the morgue.  But I can say this about Death...he's somewhat predictable.  There's the gunshot deaths in the summer, and suicides around Christmas time, and then suicides again in the early spring...I could never figure that one out because in my mind, our weather is crummy most of the why check out when we're facing the nicest weather of the year?  (Wait til it's 40 below darn it!)  My husband thinks it's because for most, spring heralds in the best season of the year, and for someone down on their options, aware that nothing is going to change for them, that spring is their time for the most ultimate of spring cleaning. 

There are times that I come home from work and see that my  son has left his boots outside the door, probably because they're still dripping blood from the gunshot victim he's just picked up.  Did I mention, death is messy, although, you probably don't need to know that. 

When I first dated my husband I tried to tease him, "Aren't you afraid of  death?"  My husband said "Are you kidding?  It's the live one's that will kill you."  But it's not the violence, or gore that scares me about Mr. Death...Oh no!...One side effect of living with a mortician is that you can never take a normal day for granted.  Coming home safely is never guaranteed.  There is no such thing as a normal day...Which is why, to me , here is the scariest story I can tell you (to me anyway) about  Mr. Death;

One night during rush hour, a man's car broke down on our Hoan's the "bridge to nowhere" in the Blues Brother's movie, just in case your curious.  The bridge wasn't finished at the time the movie was being filmed.  In Milwaukee, this bridge is one of the highest points in Milwaukee...this man got out of his car, and sat beside it  by the side of the bridge and called a tow truck, and then he called his wife to tell her he was going to be late.  There was a gust of wind, and when the tow truck arrived, no man.  He had fallen over the side.  What was just a boring work day in the middle of the week to the rest of us, was this man's last day...and that to me is the most chilling death story of all.

Cindy Huber

NaBloPoMo November 2012


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