My mother, the witch

My mom, dad, niece and nephew were supposed to come up to celebrate Spock’s birthday last weekend. Then, about 11:15 as they were driving north on I75, my mom had the mother of all panic attacks and cried and shook and was so nuts that my dad turned the car around and took her home.

My kids were hella disappointed and I was PISSED. I had debilitating panic attacks, so I went to the shrink and got meds so my panic attacks would not make the rest of my family suffer MY mental illness. However, my mom considers herself too “strong” to go to a shrink and insists that it isn’t that big a deal. Thus, I was very angry Mom had let her mental illness effect my daughters just so people on her little hill won’t gossip that she needs meds.

I was much less angry at my mom later, after the news broke that at 11:45 a woman was drugged out of her tiny mind and was shooting at cars at random as she drove north on I75. She was just south of Lexington, right where my parents would have been at the same time.

Okay, I’ll let this one slide as one of her witchy premonitions, but I still want her to get meds because MOST of the time her panic attacks are just malarkey.