My Mother's Day Wanderings...

 Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, grandmoms, and mother figures in any format!

While reflecting on my own status as a mom over the last few weeks I had some fun thoughts that I wanted to share today. These are the silly wonderful things about being a mom.

I would be too emotional sharing the sappy side of the wonderful life of being a mom!


I am a Stay-At-Home Momma and it's
THE best job that I have ever had.

And the only job...

that I have cried at.

that has started before I even got out of bed in the morning.

that I wore the same clothes to work that I slept in.

that I have yelled at my co-workers.

that I have no commute or down time.

that I have known way too much about the people I work with.

that I have never dreaded starting (except when it started at 4 AM).

that I have spent so much time laughing and chuckling.

that has required me to know the bathroom habits of the people I work with.

that I have thrown temper tantrums (yes, I do mean me...although the people I work with do too. It must be a requirement of the job. I feel better now.)

 and the only job that I have truly loved.


Things I repeatedly say as a mom...

1. "Do not hide on your brother. We do not hide on babies."

2. "Please keep your hands to yourselves."

3. "Stop touching." "Stop jumping." "Stop running."

4. "We are not eating junk food so pick something healthy!"

5. "In a minute!"

6. "I'm coming!"

7. "There are no bugs in the bathroom - just go!"

...Now that I have removed the gates to allow access for my toddler to have "supervised" freedom I can be heard saying...

8. "Where is your brother?" much for supervision, I guess...

9. "Focus!" (or if I am feeling silly) - "Hocus Pocus let's get a focus!"

10. "What is the problem?"

11. "You don't have to close your eyes but you do have to lie down and be quiet." - Works every time!

12. "What?"..."What?"..."What?" - in response to hearing "Mom?"..."Mom?"..."Mom?"   a hundred million times a day...  :)

I no longer have to say, "Who pooped?"...I am down to one in diapers so it is obvious who pooped.

...And my favorite thing to say as a mom...

"I love you and you make my heart happy! I am the luckiest momma in the world to have you three kids."

I sure am  :)


My favorite mom fantasies!

1. That a 1 pound crispy bacon sandwich (or any bacon sandwich for that matter) is considered healthy.

2. That I never have to bathe anyone again. (Bath time in our house has never been the relaxing, soothing, slow, quiet, full of loving thoughts moment that they show on TV. It is more like a race against time to fit them all in before someone loses it, usually me or my toddler).

3. That my kids can fill their own drinking cups.

4. That I could lounge out on the couch for hours with a huge bowl of Duff's extra extra crispy mild chicken wings, a large order of French Fries  and a Diet Pepsi Vanilla with nothing to do but eat, slurp and watch TV or leaf through my magazines and catalogs. (Duff's is in Buffalo, NY...I am in WI...but this IS about my fantasies!)

5. That I have 3 hours where I do not have to rush one bit!


The Best Mother's Day Plan

The best Mother's Day Plan is no plan at all. And the best Mother's Day present is just for me to "be present". And to recognize my mom and grandma's and mom figures.

Since I have little people I finally learned that Mother's Day ended up being a whole lot of work and energy on my part only to discover that I was so busy I missed out on enjoying the reason I can participate in the holiday myself as a mother....being with my kids and celebrating them.

At 43, I am still like a 12 year old with my own mother this Mother's Day (sorry to the 12 year olds that have it together!).

Our mail takes forever to get to NY so even though I mailed my mom her card and cards from the kids early she will be lucky to have received it in time.

Her gift, is another story.

Only a portion of it has been delivered to MY house and I am waiting on the best part of it, of course. So, it obviously is not going to be at HER house for Mother's Day.


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