My Name is LZ, and I'm an Internetaholic

Once the girls are in bed for the night and the house is reasonably
picked up, the first thing I reach for is my laptop. I need to check
in, moderate comments, read blogs, return comments, read the celeb
gossip, and a multitude of other vital tasks. It is always
usually met with an eyeroll from J. “I just got home, do you really
need to be doing that right now?” Uh…yeah. My ‘work’ day just ended,
and I want to unwind. 3 hours later, he has left the room. Is he still
in the house? Is he asleep? Where did he go? Then I go back and Tweet
some more.

I never thought it was a big deal, nor did I think I spent too much
time on my computer. Sure, I’m on Twitter and Facebook during the day
and check email, but I’m not glued to my desk. Or am I?

J asked me last night how much time I think I spend online during
the day. I don’t know…and hour, 2 maybe? and then a few at night. He
didn’t believe me. He tried to be so smooth and nonchalant and
mentioned that recently published an article, “The 11 Signs of Internet Addiction.”

“So? What’s that got to do with me?”

“Why don’t you take a look and see?”

Ok. Here’s what I found.

1. Heightened euphoria while on the Internet. Of course I’m happy online. I wouldn’t go there if it made me sad.

2. Spending more and more time on the Internet? Well, there are more and more blogs to read. How can I get through them all if I don’t put in more time?

3. Do you have less self-control than you used to? Yes. I have less self-control…I just attributed it to frustration over my kids refusing to eat vegetables.

4. Are you neglecting family and friends? Not because I’m addicted to the internet – it’s because I want to be by myself.

5. Withdrawal from other activities. Nah, just because I don’t like bringing my tantrummy 2 year old out in public, so we stay home more.

6. Lying about your usage. Nope. I am online an hour day. Sometimes 2, on a rare day – 3. But, never, ever more than 1 hour per day. ;-)

7. Is the Internet interfering with your job and school responsibilities? No. I do not work or go to school, so my internet usage is just fine, thankyouverymuch.

8. Do you think about the Internet when you’re not on it? Are you always itching for a fix? So the internet is like crack. A little crack and here and there never hurt anyone. Yes, I’m kidding.

9. Are you feeling guilty or ashamed about how much you go online? No way. I have no shame.

10. Sleeping in or staying up through the night? Not because of the internet. It’s because my 4 year old hasn’t stayed in her own room for the last 2 years. I have never checked my email or gone online if I get woken up at night.

11. Have you gone through a weight change, or had backaches, headaches, or carpal tunnel?
First of all, I wish I went through a weight change – if I lost some.
If I have to become addicted to the internet to achieve, it’s a price
I’m willing to pay.

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