"My name is Stephanie, and I am a Hoka Cutter."


So I immediately ran out and put in 10 miles in the freshly cut Hoka's and only stopped running when I began feeling somewhat less effervescent. I only came down just a skosh from my euphoria. (Unfortunately the fact that I used the word "effervescent" has now made me giggle. Stupid thesaurus.)

Yeah, it was hard to shell out the 125 bucks on sale for shoes and cut them but it is beneficial for both my feet and time spent on my feet.  Cutting the Hoka's makes me feel good which makes me nervous, quite honestly. In my OCD world, I understand all the way down to my itsy-bitsy, microscopic cells that I have absolutely no right to feel good, crappy as my feet are. It's not logical.

And I am all about logical. (I could hardly type that with a straight face.)

Frankly, I'm happy with my customized Hoka's to the point of outright and flamboyant giddiness and the happier I get, the more convinced I am that something has completely shorted out in my brain. I should be spending my time today worrying, fretting and stewing, not skipping around the house in butchered Hoka's whistling the theme to the Jefferson's.

This cutting thing has worked out so well I picked up a different model for the trail and commenced to cutting it up also.  Here is one of the Stinson EVO Trail models on my foot, with cut-out in place:


These Hoka's are so magnificent and glorious that I will very likely be asked by the Smithsonian to donate a plaster cast of these, which of course I will do 'cause I'm nice like that.

With the freshly cut Stinson's I finished a decent 4th in a 50k (AG) and recovered well enough to run again the next day. 

So this is why I'm okay with cutting up my $170 retail running shoes.

I am also quite partial to the red color in these pair.  Even though red has been done to death in the Superhero wardrobe. It's a powerful color especially when it's complimented by white and blue. But, I don't think any Superhero ultra runner has dressed completely in red, white and blue from head to toe yet. Maybe I'll do that at my next race.


How about red leather short shorts and a red leather bustier with my Team RWB shirt? A long red sequined cape. Thigh high red boots. And naturally I'll need a red tiara with an "S" on it and a long, red leather whip.

Uh-oh. I think I just went from Super Freak ultra runner to Super Hooker. Better tone it down a little. I'll lose the whip.

I'll get dressed every morning and fly around town with my toddler and kindergartener in tow fighting injustice and battling evil villains.


'S' is for 'Super Hoka Mom' (not to be confused with 'Super Hooker Mom')


Once these big Bertha beauties reach 600 miles a piece, I plan to purchase another roomy model for more trail adventures in Virginia.  Even though Hoka is improving "My Fatties" into a 'speed' version this season, I'm quite sure the new models will also require some utility knife modification to give them a more comfortable ride.

Am I compromising the integrity of the support of the shoe when customizing it with a cut or two?  Maybe.

Shoes are designed with radii and such to alleviate/control/focus stresses when in use. By cutting them I am making new places for stress to concentrate and this will more drastically affect the mechanical and structural integrity of the shoe. In addition, I am opening the shoe to foreign particles and debris in areas in which it may not be able to withstand, i.e. dirt invading the spongy core of the sole as opposed to the toughened bottom of the sole. Or worse than dirt or mud, a snake! I've only had this happen once recently and the snake just looked at me and my toes peeping out from the toe box of the Hoka's. I looked at him and I did what all reasonable women do when faced with a serpent from Hell. I screamed and ran as fast as I could on my plump tiptoes, being sure to hike my knees as high as they could go. Snakes hate that. It gets them all confused. They don't know whether to chase you or applaud your Rockettes dance. I highly recommend it if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.


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