My name is Tellulah, I'll live 'til I spy

This is Selena Gomez's new video.

The video channels a European based spy film that rotates around the troubles of a beefy, single man (read Matt Damon Daniel Craig), except it revolves around a 16 year old girl. The video is good and the song is catchy and somebody has to put food on the Gomez’s table, but kids acting like grownups unsettles me. Unless, of course you’re talking about Bugsy Malone. Bugsy Malone is a favourite within my family, it is a movie my mum (40 + years old), myself (23 years old) and my brother (13 years old) all enjoy. Its ability to make me want to sing whilst boxing or my brother to sing “my name is Tullulah” should not going unnoticed.  And it is the only movie I have seen more than twice (feel free to invite me to a movie night).  

Returning to the video critique, some of the band members and some of the spies are cute. Hence, Selena stalks one of them (proactive , that’s my girl). I’m not quite sure who her love interest is, as the video spends a lot of time focusing on European architecture and technological advancements in spy gadgets, but her stalker behaviour reminds me of a guy I met, which I will tell you more about tomorrow. Just a little WARNING there is a rap break down in the middle of the song. I automatically dislike any sort of break down, in particular car or rap related ones, however  maybe I am being too harsh on the kid, she keeps it short and to the point, repeating the poetic childhood rhyme ”love me or love me not”.

Question time: What do you think? Is her rap break down equivalent to Chinese water torture or does Eminem have competition at next years Grammy’s? Is Europe the ideal setting for a spy movie? And could that telescope be any longer?




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