My Natural Tree Nursery-or Accidental Sustainability?

It would appear that I've inadvertently started my own tree nursery. It's probably with the help of my efficient and highly paid staff, squirrels. In seriousness, acorns like a little light to sprout while it's the walnuts that like to actually be planted, in my experience.I'll have to check a reliable reference and see if that's true. There are several types of trees that have sprouted at the ranch. Plenty of walnuts, for instance, but it's the white oaks that have caught our attention, especially since a lot of our oak trees are very old and starting to show their age, let's just say. I did a quick photograph session of the ones by our pond last weekend. We want to transplant some of them. We'll see if that gets done. Mother nature is a resilient girl, this kind of thing proves. It has not escaped me that this phenomenon is occuring following the crippling drought last year. The little baby oaks are sooooo cute. And it's so hard to believe they'll ever get big, but we know they(some of them, the survivors) will.

White Oak Seedlings


They were especially vibrant and highly concentrated where we had spread some horse stable bedding. That's the reason for the reference to "accidental sustainability". I was just fascinated. The acorns would just kind of split open almost like an egg, the remains were right there with most of them, and the root would head straight down, while the leaves went straight up. How do they know, anyway?

Have a great weekend. ~JB was here.

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