My near breakup with Santa Claus



I loved santa as a kid and I love the idea as an adult. I think it's fun and magical. Unfortunately, I learned the truth about Santa a bit younger than most kids. After some argument between my older cousins, one of them thought it would be a laugh riot to let me in the know. I was all of four or five years old.

My world was shattered. I wanted to still believe, but i knew from the look on my older brother's face that it was the truth. There was no Santa. He then subsequently boxed that older cousin's ears for being so douchetastic.

But before the fun could be completely shattered, he sat me down and explained hat Santa was a really nice man who gave presents to children a long long time ago. Now we pretend he's real and we get presents to honor his actions. But if you stop pretending, you stop getting presents.

Here is the conversation that probably saved my Christmas Spirit.

him: so do you want to stop getting presents?

me: no, but I have to lie?

him: no, you get to pretend.

me: How is that different?

him: lies hurt people, this is just for fun.

so i pretended for several years that I believed in Santa, and rolled my eyes at other kids to get presents. But secretly, I still relished in the idea of Santa. As I've gotten older I try to take it all in. I grew up in very Christian household, so Jesus was always the focus, but Santa was there too. A nice balance. But the message was still there, being cheerful, loving one another and celebrating the joyful season. So I am glad my older brother saved me from my near break up with Santa Claus. I think life would be much blander without the sparkle and magic that Santa brings to Christmastime.


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