My Neighbor Sleeps with a Loaded Gun Under His Pillow and I'm Terrified


I still can’t wrap my head around it. And the more I think about it, the more I realize that gun ownership shouldn’t be a right, it should be a privilege. One that can be taken away when you prove that you can’t handle the responsibility.

If this same neighbor had taken an Ambien and then driven his car into someone else’s home, there would be no question — his license would be revoked, at least for a period of time. But he shoots a bullet just inches away from another person's bed and there is nothing that can be done? How does that not even merit a ticket or some kind of enforced gun safety class?

I honestly do not think my neighbor is a bad guy, and I am sure he feels awful (and probably even a little embarrassed) about what happened. But there should be consequences to handling a deadly weapon with so little care. Someone could have died. And that someone could have very easily been my daughter.

So how am I supposed to be OK with that?

And why would anyone else be?

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