My NEVER Ending Fitness Journey #1

Okay. This is BlogHer... a community of progressive, positive women from all walks of life, so I can share freely without fear. So here it is. I'm overweight. I'm overweight and have been so for some time now. It crept up slowly. I would increase a size and then 2 sizes and here I am. I refuse to go shopping for new clothes, it's depressing. When I prepare for a formal, I can't even tell you how I struggle with various Spanx or similar products until I get a look I'm comfortable with. I strategically place my purse to make me look slimmer in photos. And several time, I've been mistaken for being with child. All of it has depressed me at various times. 

Until now.

I've decided to do something about. Earlier this year, I got a personal trainer and a nutritionist. Not that I really wanted to spend that type of money on this, but I felt that I needed help, accountability.

Be careful what you wish for. 

Last week, my personal trainer was “interviewing” a new trainer. I’m pretty sure he was trying to impress her and instructed me to do more exercises with more reps than ever before. Walking for the next 3 days… EXCRUCIATING! How does he expect me to work out when I can’t even walk up the stairs of my house because of the pain!

My nutritionist has a love-hate relationship with me, I’m pretty sure. She logs into my fitness app to see what I’ve been eating (or better, what to yell at me about). It’s not enough that I haven’t had a Coke in 2 weeks and I’ve stopped eating sweets since Lent began, she still finds things that I’m doing wrong…I can’t eat eggs and chicken all the time!!!

So here is where I will vent. Because if I don’t vent somewhere, I may say or do something that I really shouldn’t! If you have any encouraging thoughts or tips, or if you’d like to vent too, please share.

I need all the help I can get.




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