My new toy, and other stuff

I decided to upgrade my cell phone to a Blackberry and get e-mail and Internet service on it, since my company has blocked a bunch of websites and is monitoring Internet usage. With the new phone, during the many, interminable down times at work, I'll be able to surf wherever I please on the Net, and not have to worry about my time online being monitored. So soon I will be able to do Facebook at work again (and MySpace and Twitter and whatever else the company blocks). And blog...

In other news, the Packers won their first game, and Rodgers looked good at quarterback. It was also a good week for my fantasy football team - it won its first "game" of the season. Yay!

I bought my tickets to go to San Diego next month and visit my friends. We talked about going to the zoo and/or Wild Animal Park, and we're going dancing once or twice. So it should be a fun trip. I haven't been dancing in a long time, and I miss it.

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