My New Underwear

I have been in need of some new underwear since I had my third baby.  I don't buy pregnancy underwear, so the elastic gets pretty stretched out and has been sliding down lately, which is driving me crazy.  

So I went to Target yesterday and bought twelve pairs of cotton panties for twelve dollars. (Can't beat that!)   As I was walking around Target, picking up socks, a couple pairs of pants for my oldest, and other things, with the baby in the Bjorn carrier and my middle child struggling to get out of the restraint in the shopping cart, I thought wistfully about how I making a special trip to Victoria's Secret for my underwear.  That's what I used to do, before the kids.

Now, I still bought cotton panties, not a bunch of lacy thongs (well, not many anyway), but the idea of Victoria's Secret is so much sexier than Target.  A whole store with no other purpose than to sell underthings.  You never see a mom in there, lugging her screaming kids around as she peruses the panties.  It's all women, sometimes towing uncomfortable looking men along.  Target is just so much more plain, so much more...comfortable.

My evolution, or de-evolution, in panty shopping is really analogous to my relationship with my husband.  We still are intimate, but after almost five years of marriage and three kids, it has lost some of the sexiness, some of the excitement there used to be.  We're just comfortable, more Target than Victoria's Secret.  Sometimes I wish for just a little Victoria's Secret.  

How about you?  Are you more Target or Victoria's Secret in your relationship?



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