My New Years Resolution – Saving for the Yankees!

I know that it is not January first yet and this resolution, if you will, is slightly premature but I need some time to focus and get my head in the game. So just hear me out will ya?

As well know, I love to shop. In fact that is probably an understatement, I live to shop, it is easily one my favorite things to do. It doesn’t even matter what I am shopping for, from clothes to groceries, it just makes me happy. You could ask me to shop for a gift for your aunt, who I don’t even know, and I would be thrilled…seriously! The problem with shopping is it involves spending money, money that I shouldn’t necessarily be spending. No need to shake to your head at me, I know it’s a terrible habit. But with two trips planned in the new year (one of them being to NEW YORK!) the frivolous spending has to come to a screeching halt, yes the screeching is necessary! The holidays hit my bank account pretty hard, and in order to ogle Jeter from field level at Yankee Stadium I need to start saving some serious cash.

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I have tried really hard to stick to a budget each payday but I tend to just use the money for something else and then tell myself I will replace it, and well we all know how that works…it doesn’t! So instead of a strict budget, I am going to go on a shopping cleanse and start saving. And let me tell you, it is not going to be easy! I thought pretty long and hard about what was a reasonable allowance and I struggled to come up with a monetary amount. Instead, starting in January, I have decided to set a savings goal each month of $400. And by savings that means I am not using my credit cards as an alternative method of payment, I will be paying my usual expenses and saving all of my extra pennies…this is definitely not going to be an easy feat!

I have a few things in mind to assist with my shopping cleanse; finding ways to re purpose my wardrobe, making a few more handmade gifts and doing my best to avoid online shopping! However, I do need to be held accountable and that my friends is where you come in. At the end of each month, January through April, I am going summarizes my savings and list the ways I was able to cut back. Who knows, maybe it will even inspire you to start saving too!

I feel like I have said this many times before, but I am really, really going to stick to it this time. You know why? Because Jeter is more important than new shoes!

I am going to need all of the help that I can get, what are the tips and tricks you use to save some extra dough?

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