My Obsession (9/16/2012)

Fifty Shades of Grey....Yes this is MY new obsessed....well it has been for a few months now. I am going to say now I am here expressing my views and thoughts on this book...they are NOT negative and though I dont mind open discussing... I would greatly appeciate NO negativity about my posts, and I would rather NOT have negative comments about my post. This trilogy may not be everyones favorite, some may not like it...but my thoughts are if you have NOT read it...or have NOT read all of it...those people have no idea about this story. 

I think all that try to judge it before reading it or before reading ALL of the story (all 3 books) really make unfair judgments. I admit...I was going to stop reading soon as I got to the part where Anastasia sees his RROP for the first time, (my thoughts were exactly: What the F*** are these housewives reading!) so see I was like so many who want to judge it before reading...but the difference is I kept on reading...and read all 3 books in less then a month...and here I am writing about it because I love it so. I am Greyobsessed...and I dont care who knows it!!! I have never been so fasinated with any book...I am almost 30 and I have never read a book over 500 pages and wanted to read it again...and this is 3 books over 500pages...I am hooked...I am a EL James Fan, I am a Christian Grey Fan...Yeah he may be fictional but he is amazing. People may be thinking, this woman is whack...but the great thing about me is I DONT CARE!! I spent so much of my life caring what others think, but being almost 30 and being happy with who I am...Im done with people that are negative...I dont mind you not liking the books or the story or anything like that...but the people that I care about and that care about me ...the ones who dont like the books...hey its cool I know they understand how important it is to me. I have had a rough year and the worst was this last August and to have something to make me smile and makes me laugh and keeps myself from going into a depression. 

This book has introduced me to wanting to read more...introduced me into music I never really listen to before. Also has made changes in my marriage. Better changes. Its brought fire back to our marriage that had started to disappear after getting caught up in being parents and having crazy schedules. 

I dont know what else I can say at the moment. I have connected with other fans from around the world because of this book and a few of us have become great friends in just a short time. So call me obsessed call me crazy call me anything you want...But that is not going to change how I feel about Fifty Shades. 

One other thing, some may think El James isnt the greatest writer, but who is on the Best Sellers list....with All THREE books!!!??? I have been inspired to try to get back into writing a romance novel as well. I may not sell any like she has...but its not about the money, or fame when you love to write...its about how you make your readers feel. If you can drag someone into your story and make them feeling like they are part of it...well thats good enough for me. 

So, that is my thoughts on Fifty...I will probably write more on this topic since it is My obsession, so dont be surprised :)


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