My Opinion of the Basic Sex Positions






Highly underrated.  Perfectly pleasant, especially if the woman keeps her knees up.  Can be spiced up with a pillow under her ass for a new angle.  Allows plenty of intimacy and kissing, touching, etc--especially the woman can kiss and touch the man as her hands are likely more free.




Doggy Style



Also perfectly pleasant, but less personal.  Best for sweaty, raunchy sex or for persons with bad breath.  Slight downside--height disparity window is limited.  Upside--man gets excellent view.







Most women like this one because it gives them control over the speed, angle, etc.  I'm okay with it.  It's certainly very personal, face to face, allows kissing and touching like missionary but the opposite--the man has more freedom with his hands.  Very nice.




Reverse Cowgirl



"This is weird.  I'm on top of you, staring down at your knees, and when I go up I can see your balls slapping around under me."




Period Sex




Keep calm, and put a towel down.  You'll be fine.





Shower Sex




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