My Opinion on Getting Healthy.

This is just my personal opinion (i like to give my opinion lol) 

If you are looking to start getting in shape and/or healthy. But don't know where to start, as many like to refer to it as. I say start with your gut feeling what in your life needs to change? What do you do that is unhealthy...Well make it healthy...if you live on fast food...try to plan your meals so you don't have to go through a drive thru...if you are on a budget, research your area for the best prices on the stuff you like to eat that is good for you. Drink more water, involve the whole family in a physical activity everyday, indoors or outdoors. There are many resources that you and your family can research and decide what is best for you..Make it a lifestyle change, you don;t have to go run a 5k..but you should stop drinking soda and start walking everyday...simple things...then you will start to see a change and before you know it your story in now inspiring others....I say out with the bad in with the good. buy local, love your food, cook with care. and make it a family lifestyle fit just for you and your loved ones...Don't compare your ch.1 to someones ch. 10...everyone starts enthusiastic about being healthy and be proud to buy apples instead of chips...same price...apples are cheaper I think...Point is's so simple....start with following your heart...and the rest will be easy. Good Luck I hope you enjoyed this. Much love...What have you done to change your life..??? Everyone has done something that someone else hasn't tried yet...Share the love and your story..That is what makes the world go for each other and a respect for each persons soul as it is. Namaste' Ty

My progress collage I threw together...Nothing super..but it's everything to me..I see a whole new graceful person developing...xox and twitter @fitmomm

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