My Own Personal Soap Opera

Libby Malin's My Own Personal Soap Operais the hysterical tale of Frankie McNally, head writer for the long-running soap opera Lust for Life. Growing up, Frankie watched the show every day with her mother, and it still one of their biggest connections. Frankie is doing all she can to hold things together at the struggling serial, with a writing team that could be a cast of characters on their own show, and a disinterested producer only looking for his next step on the corporate ladder. When Victor Pendergast, head of the corporation that sponsors the show begins taking an active interest in scripts and the daily behind-the-scenes doings, Frankie's low confidence in herself and weak sense of authority roll into overdrive, causing her to say and do foolish things, usually around Victor. The two manage to pull together a balanced working environment based on strong personal interests in keeping Lust for Life alive. With Victor's strength and Frankie's creative ideas, the two are able to pull together a team that can breath Life back into Lust!

Being honest, I must say that at the beginning of My Own Personal Soap OperaI found Frankie's low self-confidence and constant straining to assert her authority annoying. But as she saw her ideas working out, and trusted Victor's belief in her, she became the person I wanted her to be.  In the end I was confident that she could lead her staff and bring up the ratings on Lust for Life. My Own Personal Soap Opera is a super-fun read, especially as we move into beach reading season!



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